[Image-SIG] Re: Problem with eps

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Wed Apr 21 09:17:14 EDT 2004

Roman Putanowicz wrote:

> Looking at the code I  discovered that gs wasn't producing any output
> for my file and went to an empirical fix:
>   in EpsImagePlugin.py in function Ghostscript I added
>   the command to write 'showpage' at the end of the input
>   (see the attachment).
> Can somebody with more postscript knowledge confirm that this was a bug
> and that the fix is all right ?

EPS files may or may not contain a "showpage" command (iirc, it used to be
recommended, but I may be mistaken).  the right way to do this is to install
dummy "showpage" before rendering the file, and call the real one

I'll look into this for 1.1.5.

thanks /F

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