[Image-SIG] Debugging PIL in Win32?

Vladimir Pastukhov vpastukhov at naumen.ru
Thu Apr 22 18:09:57 EDT 2004


Brendler, Ralph wrote:
> The PIL code is straight 1.1.4 plus the July patch for Group4 support.

BTW, next month I plan to release a new patch that will not use
internal libtiff structures access (requires some additions to libtiff
API, which are settling). This should resolve build and compatibility
problems as yours.

> As far as I can tell everything appears to be compiled with the same options, but I am getting an heap validation error (which usually indicates a debug/nondebug difference in libraries) when calling ImagingLibTiffCleanup.

Looks like different optimizations are used for the libImaging library
and for the Python extension itself.  Try checking CFLAGS in libImaging/
Makefile.win and the options setup.py uses to compile decode.c

Best regards, Vladimir
vpastukhov at naumen.ru

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