[Image-SIG] Re: MSW XP imcompatabilities ?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Wed Aug 18 10:01:23 CEST 2004

Ray Pasco wrote:
> As a newbie using 2.3.4 and 1.1.4 I'm exploring ways to convert between formats and embed them
> into wxPython apps.  I've found that all JPEG and BMP files that have been copied refuse to be 
> read in at all.  Also, using .enhance produces a bogus AttributeError but works correctly.

afaik, PIL 1.1.4 works just fine on Windows XP (if that's what "MSW XP"
means).  and I cannot really tell what you're doing from your bug report:

    - copied from where to where, usíng what command?
    - read in by what application?
    - what AttributeError?

if you can, post code snippets and complete tracebacks.


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