[Image-SIG] Python 2.4 and Windows installer

Eric Pons ainarick at yahoo.fr
Fri Dec 10 19:26:28 CET 2004


I am a beginner in both development and Python, which I am learning by 
myself, and with great pleasure.

I wanted to write a script to process a batch of pictures, so I tried to 
install PIL 1.1.4 on my windows XP.

The problem is I just upgraded to Python 2.4 for which there is no 
installer version (I tried with the Pyhton 2.3 one just in case, but it 
doesn't work of course :-)).

I tried to use the source but, well, as a beginner, explanations in the 
README file were not enough to proceed correctly and I don't get much 
results. Am I supposed to run setup.py from a particular folder, or 
should I uncompress the numerous files in the archive in a particular 
location to make them available from my python shell? Should I specify a 
  path somewhere for the PI Library?

Could someone lend me a hand?
Thank you for your time and attention,

Eric Pons.

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