[Image-SIG] PIL's configure bug -- from 2002

Terry Hancock hancock at anansispaceworks.com
Fri Feb 20 17:45:23 EST 2004

On Friday 20 February 2004 01:20 pm, Bill Janssen wrote:
> You should be able to set the env vars LIBS and CPPFLAGS to the
> appropriate -L and -I switches before running configure, and they will
> be picked up.

I agree that they *should* do that.   They *should* also be set by
options to configure.  They are not and they do not.  I would like
to fix the whole problem PERMANENTLY.  Because after four or
five times of messing with this nonsense, I'm sick and tired of it.  It
was busted before, and with Python 2.3, it's more busted.  Time
to fix it.  It should be almost as easy to fix it properly as to
work around it.

However, I cannot create a diff to fix the problem properly,
because part of the source code is missing!  Apparently I
can't just go pull "configure.in" out of the CVS, as I could for
many packages.  

I could theoretically patch "configure" -- but my understanding
is that that file is machine-generated, so that would not
be feasible.

So I'm asking for help around that oversight.

Either the sources are already available somewhere, and I
just need a pointer, or they aren't, in which case, I'm requesting
that they should be.


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