[Image-SIG] numbers from image properties

Matthias Urlichs smurf at smurf.noris.de
Sat Feb 21 01:02:49 EST 2004


Douglas Bagnall:
> There are a lot of vision oriented libraries that will find edges and so
> forth, but are there any that will (for instance) just say edgy how an 
> image is overall?  With or without python bindings.
Hmm, that special case seems rather simple -- run the "find edges"
algortihm, you get a picture back (white=edge, black=not). Now calculate
the average pixel value of that image, perhas convert to logarithmic
scale, or maybe count how many pixels (in proportion to the total) are
above the average, then test how well that metric works on a few sample

> I've searched around a bit and not found much.
So write them yourself? See above. ;-)

Matthias Urlichs
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