[Image-SIG] Programmers Wanted for Computer Graphics Startup Near Philadelphia

Stan Schwartz CGStartup at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 31 11:23:51 EST 2004

My name is Stan Schwartz, and I'm a University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D. and an independent inventor.  I'm submitting two computer
graphics patents to the USPTO during the next several weeks.
Technologies derived from these patents have application in
several different market segments, including still image
photomanipulation, movie special effects and post-production,
web animation, and video games.  I'm developing and marketing one
or more of the applications through a startup company.  I've
produced demo output that clearly demonstrates the viability of
my approaches, which I've been showing to potential licensees and
investors.  This demo output is currently being generated through
a loosely connected series of scripts.  To be productized the
scripts will need to be recoded into standalone "industrial
strength" applications that are much faster, bullet-proof,
and that have slick GUIs.  I'm looking for a lead/senior
programmer to participate in and organize the implementation
side of the startup and probably one or more junior programmers.
Successful candidates for the programming team should have some
to many of the following skills/characteristics:

Extensible knowledge of/comfort with math, as exemplified by one
or more of:
     Computer vision training/experience - feature location/
     extraction, motion estimation, object recognition;
     Image processing training/experience - you know what a
     convolution kernel is; you've implemented a morphing
     Linear algebra training/experience - matrix manipulation,
     familiarity with numeric computation packages, such as
     Numerical Python, or equivalent;
     Art/math programming play, mathematical visualization;
3D modeling, especially for character animation, especially if
you've hacked/manipulated low-level 3D data representations in a
variety of formats;
GUI design/building, graphic design training a plus;
Analysis of algorithms;
C/C++, Linux/Unix a plus;
(Note that I did most of the scripting mentioned above in
Python through PIL and Numerical Python and would consider
doing as much as we can of this in Python.)
Startup and/or major fielded product development experience
required for the lead/senior programmer, a plus for juniors;
Within commuting distance of Philadelphia - we may move and/or
outsource, but this is where/how we'll start;
Relevant educational background is a plus, but I'm more
interested in what you can demonstrate to me that you know, can
do, and have done, than what you've formally studied;
Intellectual flexibility, creativity, and ability to work and
brainstorm collaboratively;
Open-ended time commitment - After growing this, I have
additional ideas in the queue that could be spun off into future
products; and
Demonstrable artistic skills and training in figurative painting,
sculpture, and/or life-drawing are a plus.

We have access to seed capital, and we'd prefer if participants
accept some portion of salary as equity in our venture.  If
you're interested in participating, send me a cover letter and
resume at cgstartup at earthlink.net.  I'm willing to show you the
demo and provide more details about the technology, although
first you'll have to sign a non-disclosure agreement.  The demo
can also be posted temporarily to the web for online viewing,
accompanied by an explanatory phone call.

For Investors/Licensees:
If you're a potential investor in the startup or a representative
of a company that is potentially interested in licensing one of
the applications and are interested in seeing the demo and
hearing a description of the technologies, also under conditions
of non-disclosure, please let me know through the means described

Thanks for your time,

P.S.  Some examples of my Python work with images, although not
directly related to this venture are at
<http://www.ryze.com/go/metastan> and 

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