[Image-SIG] Re: progressive image displaying

Arthur Elsenaar arthur at iaaa.nl
Fri Jul 2 09:45:34 EDT 2004

On Jun 30, 2004, at 12:28, Fredrik Lundh wrote:

> Arthur Elsenaar wrote:
>> what I like to do, is reading arbitrary images coming in over a socket
>> and display them _as they arrive_, so when a chunk is in, immediatly
>> display it (in pygame).
>>  From the PIL documentation, I can see that one needs to use the
>> frombuffer() method and feed that to pygame using the fromstring()
>> method. Also I understand the pygame.load() function needs a complete
>> file like object (StringIO), so how does one go about partly 
>> displaying
>> these incoming data chunks? Do I need to use the PIL parse function
>> somehow? Do I need to pad the missing data?
> while PIL can decode things incrementally, there's no (reliable) way to
> get access to incomplete image data.  maybe in 1.1.6 ?

hmm, too bad PIL can't do this cleanly. But I'm still interested in 
what you mean by 'no reliable'. Can you tell a bit more on what -can- 
be done in this respect? As I'm working on an art project, less than 
perfect results aren't a problem.

> (but I'd be happy to be proven wrong on this one)

me too ;)

Thanks, Arthur.

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