[Image-SIG] Problems with XpmImagePlugin.py

Richard Oudkerk oudkerk at maths.man.ac.uk
Wed Jul 7 18:08:07 CEST 2004

Douglas Bagnall wrote:
 > >
 > > (6) ImageColor.colormap misspells 'lightgray' as 'lightgrey'.  (I
 > > assume this is a misspelling since it contains 'gray', 'dimgray',
 > > 'slategray',... but not 'grey', 'dimgrey', 'slategrey',...)
 > >
 > AFAIK, this spelling mixture is very old and has snuck into many realms.
 >  Netscape borrowed XPM colours for html extensions, whence, for a
 > while, they entered the CSS standard.  The w3c now accepts either
 > spelling for any shade of grey, but I think X may be more conservative.

But ImageColor.colormap should either stick to one spelling or include both. 
(The patched version of XpmImagePlugin.py can cope with both spellings.)

BTW, I have noticed that the transparency problem goes away if instead of writing


I do

     im.save("file.png", **im.info)

Shouldn't .save() use the information in im.info by default, or is this intentional?


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