[Image-SIG] ANN: PIL 1.1.5 alpha 3

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Sat Jun 5 15:30:25 EDT 2004

A PIL 1.1.5 alpha 3 tarball is now available from effbot.org:


(look for Imaging-1.1.5a3.tar.gz)

Changes since 1.1.5 alpha 2:

+ Added 'getim' method, which returns a PyCObject wrapping an
  Imaging pointer.  The description string is set to IMAGING_MAGIC.
  See Imaging.h for pointer and string declarations.

+ Fixed reading of TIFF JPEG images (problem reported by Ulrik

+ Made ImageColor work under Python 1.5.2

+ Fixed division by zero "equalize" on very small images (from
  Douglas Bagnall).

A list of changes since 1.1.4 can be found here:


Report bugs to this list or directly to me, as usual.

enjoy /F

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