[Image-SIG] Re: PIL and Stereo Display?

Scott David Daniels Scott.Daniels at Acm.Org
Mon Jun 7 10:29:52 EDT 2004

pianoblau at gmx.net wrote:
> I want to use PIL for displaying stereo images on a monitor.... with some 
 > shutter glasses ....
> Is it possible to do this with Python / PIL?
If PIL doesn't do this currently (and I don't think it does; PIL is
about images, not viewing), check with VPython, which (as I vaguely
remember) does do so.  VPython builds 3-D models to interact with, so
the demand there is great for real-time 3-D viewing (it may be an
add-on).  I think they use Open-GL for most of their rendering, in any
case there's likely to be some sample code using Python and shutter

> Regards, Alex
> pianoblau at gmx.net
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