[Image-SIG] Possible setup.py bug

Nathan Sanders sanders_n at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 10 13:32:22 EDT 2004

I believe I have found a bug in setup.py for a Linux (or POSIX in general)
If you don't have Tk installed, but do have FreeType, the variables
EXTRA_COMPILE_ARGS and EXTRA_LINK_ARGS are used in line 287 and 288, but
are only bound in the else branch of the try on line 127 that depends on
Tk installed. My workaround was to move the lines
to just above the try at lines (121-122)

(Sorry, I'm too new to Unix to know how to produce a diff or patch.
Instruction would be welcome if necessary.)
I'm using Python 2.3.3, PIL 1.1.4, both compiled from source.
My Linux distro is gentoo--something recent,
that installs Python without Tk.

--Nathan Sanders

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