[Image-SIG] Simpler build process for PIL+jpeg on MacOSX

Jan Hardenbergh - Earthlink jhardenbergh at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 7 20:58:54 EST 2004

I'm still getting my feet wet, so, Fink seems liek overkill.

So, I downloaded libjpeg, configure, built it, installed (build 
directory was /Users/jch/jpeg-6b)
this make a libjpeg.a which is in /usr/local/lib

I had installed MacPython-2.3, so after untarring Imaging-1.1.4 I put 
it in

cd into libImaging
./configure --with-jpeg=/Users/jch/jpeg-6b

With that it semed to pass the ljpeg tests.

did rest of build steps just fine.

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