[Fwd: [Image-SIG] Re: 3d-2d image conversion program?]

Bob Klimek klimek at grc.nasa.gov
Fri Mar 12 09:13:50 EST 2004

"Melissa Kanzelberger" <makanzel at mtu.edu> wrote in message

news:2232. at huskymail.mtu.edu...
> I am writing to the list because I am in need of a program that could take
> a very large (365,404kb) 3d image and convert it to a 2d slice of that
> image.  I was wondering if a progam like that was available.  I also need
> a program to take that 2-d image and insert it back into the 3d file.
> Does anyone know if anything like that exists?  Please let me know!
> Thanks so much for your help.

You might want to take a look at the following. It even does
some image processing.



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