[Image-SIG] Rotate with filtering returns wrong image size

Guillaume Sauzon drinegui at netscape.net
Sun Mar 21 06:06:36 EST 2004


I wants to rotate images for 90°. It goes very well with PIL:
print img.size
img=img.rotate (90)
print img.size

it prints (x,y) and then (y,x)

however, if I want to include a filter (I don't know why a filter could 
be usefull for a rotate) and do:
img=img.rotate (90, Image.BICUBIC)
then output size is still (x,y)

stupidily, I don't even find the code which is doing this rotate. In 
Image.py of PIL 1.1.4, I find:
1081:        return self._new(self.im.rotate(angle, resample))
I don't find the source that is called there

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