[Image-SIG] Rotate with filtering returns wrong image size

Matthias Urlichs smurf at smurf.noris.de
Sun Mar 21 12:12:48 EST 2004


Guillaume Sauzon:
> however, if I want to include a filter (I don't know why a filter could 
> be usefull for a rotate) and do:

Because you'd want to interpolate pixels in a free rotation.

Thus if you do a non-filtered 90-degree rotate, the dimensions are
flipped. For anything else, the dimensions stay the same and the filter
is used to compute the possibly-interpolated pixels.

> 1081:        return self._new(self.im.rotate(angle, resample))
> I don't find the source that is called there

Hazarding a guess, I'd say that the source is "self.im".

Matthias Urlichs
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