[Image-SIG] PIL image processing

Ajay Abhyankar ajay at holonix.com.sg
Wed Nov 3 09:38:01 CET 2004


I am using PIL Image module to manipulate images.

I have used lookup table for controlling the threshold of an image using 
the point(table) method. To set the threshold of an image, I create a 
list of 256 values. All values till threshold (in range 0-255) are 
turned to 0 and the rest above threshold value are turned to 255. This 
list is supplied to the point method as lookup table. When applied to 
the image it works fine.

Similarly, if I want to manipulate Brightness/Contrast of an image using 
lookup table for an image, how can I get the lookup table for an image 
with existing values (so as to manipulate them) instead of creating a 
new lookup table.


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