Re: Re: [Image-SIG] PIL and multithreading - is it possible?

meyer at meyer at
Sat Nov 13 12:02:01 CET 2004


many thanks for the info. I'll try to upgrade my version. Just out of
curiousity: Does anyone know which changes have been made exactly (e.g.
still have the patch Kevin submitted)?


Jeff Epler <jepler at> schrieb am 12.11.2004, 16:32:16:
> Some of what you want will be in PIL 1.1.5.
> + Improved support for applications using multiple threads; PIL
>   now releases the global interpreter lock for many CPU-intensive
>   operations (based on work by Kevin Cazabon).
> An image viewer that I'm playing with in my spare time has two threads:
> the first is the user interface, and the second performs all image
> operations.  This actually works pretty well under 1.1.5b1.
> I'm not sure whether the lock is released for loading images, but it
> does seem to be released for scaling operations.
> Jeff

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