[Image-SIG] modes in Image package

Victor Reijs geniet2003 at iol.ie
Fri Aug 26 11:31:32 CEST 2005

Hello Bob and Fredrik,

Bob Klimek wrote:
> Fredrik, hmmm, I didn't think that was possible. Do I understand 
> correctly? Are you saying that if I have a 16-bit/plane RGB image (tif), 
 > there is some way to read it into PIL by splitting it on the way in? It
 > that's the case, that would be wonderful! Can you show a code sample how
 > this can be done?

Do I understand that a tif file can be 3*16 bits (my knowledge of file 
format is not that good)?
But say I start with a jpg file of 3*8 bits (e.g. most cameras only can 
handle 8 bit band depth).
Can I now translate my 8*3-bit JPG into 16*3 bit TIF in PIL, then use 
split, 'function on each band', merge, matrix convert and 'function on 
all bands' and translate to from 16*3 TIF to 8*3 bit JPG?

It are the specific translation functions (3*8 -> 3*16 and back) I am 
interested in.

(I have the above procedure working BUT all in a 3*8 environment and it 
works fine, but I would like to have less color noise due to the low 
resolution of 8 bits).

All the best,


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