[Image-SIG] PIL method for loading TrueType/OpenType fonts fromfont names?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Sun Aug 28 22:13:44 CEST 2005

Pascal Charbonneau wrote:

> One thing that is definately missing from the PIL ImageFont module is a
> way to load fonts by font names. I have not found any easy way to
> associate the file name (needed to load a TrueType font in PIL) with the
> actual font typeface name.

that's because there's no portable way to do that, without actually looking
inside all available truetype files.

> i.e "Times New Roman Bold (TrueType)" = "TIMESDB.TTF"
> Every standard "font" dialog lets the user choose a Typeface, Point
> Size, etc and associating them to be used with PIL seems to be an issue.
> Unless I am being dumb and havent found the obvious easy solution :)
> Anyone has encountered this issue and can suggest a solution?

you have to maintain your own "name to file" mapping, either by querying
a system font manager of some kind, or by scanning the available files, and
extracting the font name and style from the font object:

    for file in glob.glob("*.ttf"):
        font = ImageFont.truetype(file, 0)
        name, style = font.getname()
        print name, style, "=>", file

(to avoid spending lots of time on this every time you start the program, 
probably want to maintain a persistent font cache of some kind.  storing the
data in a marshalled dict should be good enough)


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