[Image-SIG] Please, I need help regarding displaying a PIL image in realtime...

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This question seems to come up regularly - so here's a quick and dirty class
that should work for displaying in Tkinter (cross-platform, although I've
only tested on Windows).


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Hello All

I am new to PIL so I apolozize in advance if what I
ask is irrelevant to PIL. I am working with Python
2.4, PIL 1.1.5 in RH Linux and winXP environment.

My application is collecting realtime data from
multiple sensors. The data samples arrive on an
average every 6 to 8 seconds. I need to plot the
sensor data in realtime for viewing.

I can use PIL beautifully to create the Images etc of
the data and also can manipulate the image with the
fresh arival of sensor data. The problem is viewing or
displaying the image in realtime.

File based viewing is inappropraite as well as slow
here. Image.show method is also inappropriate as it
will spawn an external process every 6 seconds or so.
Too slow. In my opinion, what I require is a bitmapped
graphics capable of rendering a PIL image in realtime
with a refresh method which can be used to display the
fresh arrived sensor data. There is a mention of an
img package by Jack Jensen for X display in PIL
handbook, but I couldn't locate the package via

Please help me with the direction here. Is there any
other Python package which will fit the solution? I am
also open to consider an alternative solution, as long
as it will allow me realtime plotting of the data.

I appreciate any help or guidance in this regard.



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