[Image-SIG] Import PrintPicture + py2exe gives VC Runtime error

Michele Petrazzo michele.petrazzo at unipex.it
Sat Dec 17 09:56:41 CET 2005

Tim Burgess wrote:
> Hi I have a mature wxpython application - only the printing of a
> picture remains.
> Under the development environment the application is complete and
> does print pictures.
> However the frozen version (with py2exe 063) runs until the Import 
> PrintPicture line is executed and then immediately issues a VC++
> Runtime error - This application has requested the Runtime to
> terminate in an unusual manner... etc
> This is free PIL 1.1.5
> Any one have a suggestion or fix for this?

I know that with the last (060+) py2exe versions, there was some issues
with the call of external programs/libraries, due some internal modifies.
I think that this isn't a PIL or PrintPicture (what is this? A program,
a library?), but a py2exe problem...
I think that the better method for try to find a solution is to ask at
py2exe mailing-list.

> Thanks


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