[Image-SIG] Creating text on images

Morten W. Petersen morten at nidelven-it.no
Tue Feb 15 14:07:00 CET 2005

Dmitry Vasiliev wrote:

> Morten W. Petersen wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm trying to create a script that will superimpose text on an image. 
>> I didn't find any great examples out there on how this can be done (I 
>> presume using PIL is necessary), do you know of any examples?
> You can do it like this:
> >>> from PIL import Image, ImageDraw
> >>> image = Image.new("L", (100, 50))
> >>> draw = ImageDraw.Draw(image)
> >>> draw.text((10, 10), "Hello, World!", fill=0xff)
> >>> image.show()
> See also ImageFont module.

Thanks, as I mentioned earlier, that helped.  I have a new problem now 
the image I'm drawing on is a transparent PNG, and any text that's drawn is
also transparent, i.e. it just 'cuts out' pieces of the image instead of 
colored text..  how do I fix that?

PS:  I'm not on the list so I would appreciate a CC.



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