[Image-SIG] PIL License

Guillaume Proux guillaume.proux at scala.com
Tue Jan 25 03:57:06 CET 2005

Dear PIL maintainer/users,

My company is toying with the idea (a bit pushed by me of course) to 
build a custom distribution of Python to pair with our software.
So far so good, I have an installer for Windows that installs Python 
2.3.4, cjkcodecs, pywin32, PIL, ctypes, pyserial/pyparallel,numarray, 
py2exe,pygtk,pysqlite etc...
Now I am reviewing the License of every package and PIL licenses seems 
to me to NOT allow redistribution of PIL modules with a product that 
costs money.

Excerpt from the LIcense file:

<< Permission to [...] for any purpose *** and without fee *** is hereby 
granted >>

Does that mean that PIL must be left out? Or is this an oversight?

I am looking forward to your comments.

Best regards,


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