[Image-SIG] Converting to zebra (ZPL) format

Peter Dempsey yarglags at eircom.net
Fri Jun 17 06:22:09 CEST 2005

Hi folks, I'm a newbie to python so please be gentle.

I want to convert an image to a format suitable for use in a Zebra label 
printer. The data sent to the printer consists of a string of hex characters. 
Each byte converts to a binary set of dots on the label.

FF becomes 11111111
A5 becomes 10100101

So a string like this becomes a right-angle triangle...


The 18 says how many bytes in the image, 3 says how many bytes wide the image 
is. So the string above becomes...

F00000	->	111100000000000000000000
FF0000	->	111111110000000000000000
FFF000	->	111111111111000000000000
FFFF00	->	111111111111111100000000
FFFFF0	->	111111111111111111110000
FFFFFF	->	111111111111111111111111

I'm sure it's a simple task, I mean, the image is converted to a hex 
representation of the raw image.

I've had some success doing it the hard way with python, importing a pcx image 
and going through it byte by byte but I'm sure there's an easier way.

Any suggestions would be super.

I don't have my code here at home. I can post it tomorrow if it helps.



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