[Image-SIG] Image Stacking and AVI processing

David Dench daviddench at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Oct 10 14:07:54 CEST 2005

Dear All,
I am returning to the fold after a long absence and need a quick start.
I want to split an AVI into a set of cropped AVI's  eg split the AVI 
from 640x480 sized frames
into 4 quarter sized AVIs  of same length but smaller frame size.
I then want to stack/average each AVI ( usually after aligning on a 
feature ) and then recombine
the stacked images back into a single full size 640x480 image.
Some of you may recognize similarities to Registax functionality with 
good reason.
I have done a quick Python trawl and found PyMedia and NumArray which 
might help
in what I want to do ( I know PIL of old and expect to use it ).
Have I missed any existing software in my ignorance or are there 
alternative packages that
I should be investigating ?
    Very best wishes to all,
                David Dench
PS As an alternative, I could glue together some existing Windows GUI 
intensive Apps. Is there a python
Expect like package suitable for the task ?

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