[Image-SIG] vector graphics Q

Dmitry (Dima) Strakovsky dima at shiftingplanes.org
Sun Oct 16 01:40:16 CEST 2005

hi all,

My question is perhaps related to Fredrik earlier post. I read API doc 
(understood about 30%)

I am basically looking for a way to manupulate vector graphics in 
Python. So far I have been reading up on SVG and looking at the output 
from Illustrator and Inkscape (Adobe seems to throw a whole bunch of 
proprietary stuff into the files, surprise?not) The images for this 
particular project are going to be generated in Illustrator (the program 
I am most familiar with) and probably cleaned up with another utility 
(possibly python script), after which I was going to do a fair amount of 
manipulation (hopefully python script) and the final output goes to the 
printer (rastered.)

Fredrick does your lib work with SVG?
Is there a library out there that is particularly nice (has 
resize,rotate,copy,paste type functions)for working with SVGs?
Am I married to SVG for absolutely no reason?

As I stated in an earlier post I am new to both Python and PIL (and a 
fairly crapy (read not a professional) programmer on top of that :) so 
links to source code snippets are much appreciated :)  <-- and  NO there 
will not be any write-this-whole-program-for-me type follow up questions!

                                                                thnx in 

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