[Image-SIG] AGG-based drawing for PIL

Chris Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Wed Oct 26 20:17:23 CEST 2005

Arnd Baecker wrote:
> Does the ".tostring()" part cost a lot of performance?

Well, I think you get at least two copies of the data: one to make the 
string, and then another one to make the wx.image. It would be nice to 
just pass a pointer to the data buffer right through to wx.Image.


Have you seen the new "array interface" put out by the NumPy folks?


It's not intended to by NumPy specific. the idea is to have a standard 
interface so that different Python extensions that need to pass blocks 
of homogeneous data around (like images, for instance) could have a 
standard interface for doing so. That way each extension only needs to 
know about the interface, not each other extension it might need to work 
with. This could be a lot more efficient than using PyStrings to pass 
data around. I'm hoping to implement it in wxPython for just this kind 
of thing. It would be great if PIL did it too. I know a lot of folks do 
work with PIL images and NumPy arrays.

The Python Buffer object is another option.


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