[Image-SIG] Question On "Changing" Colour

Andrea Gavana andrea_gavana at tin.it
Wed Oct 12 00:16:00 CEST 2005

Hello NG,

    I have a small image that looks like a GUI button (with 3D effects given by different pixels colours). The current image has as "basic" colour the grey. For "basic", I mean that the predominant colour in the image is grey and some other pixels are brighter or darker in order to give the 3D effect on that image.

Now my question: is it possible to transform the pixels colours in order to have another basic colour (say blue)? In other words, the predominant colour will become the blue, with other pixels in a brighter or darker blue to give the same 3D effects.

Thanks a lot for every suggestion, and sorry if it is a basic question. I just started to learn PIL.


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