[Image-SIG] palette mode animated GIF doesn't show correctly when frame > 1

최정욱 bobspoon at funnylab.co.kr
Mon Oct 31 17:50:47 CET 2005

Python 2.4

PIL 1.1.5





I want to show a gif animation which using indexed color model.

I did like this:


             Import Image

             im = Image.open(‘animation.gif’) 


                           im.show() # for debug..





when ‘animation.gif’ is in RGB mode, this code work as expected.

But when the gif image is in indexed(palettized) color mode, it does not
show correctly except first frame.


I feel this may be caused by something like color shift or palette
corruption ..






Image is here:



Best reguard,

             Choi Jung-uk

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