[Image-SIG] Bad antialias? (in Python Imaging Library 1.1.5)

Laszlo Zsolt Nagy gandalf at designaproduct.biz
Tue Sep 20 10:27:14 CEST 2005

kevin at cazabon.com wrote:

>I've managed to do fairly decent anti-aliased text from bitmap PIL fonts,
>even including colored text, as follows:

Have you seen my example PNG?

My problem is not with bitmap fonts. BTW I tried to do what you said 
before I wrote to this list. Create a B&W image from the text and use it 
as an alpha channel while interpolating between the text color image and 
the original image. fonts. Then I realized that I have problems  with 
overlaying one image onto another in general. The problem comes when 
'original' is a transparent image. Paste will only handle one mask 
(textMask), but it doesn't care about the alpha channel of your original 
image. E.g. if your original image had this colour:  (255,0,0,0) and 
your text color is (0,0,255,255) then the result will have lilac pixels 
(127,0,127,255)  around the text, instead of  (0,0,255,127).

I created a short but detailed example with some source images, a python 
program and the explanation of the error.



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