[Image-SIG] Error when saving JPEG with quality above 85 and optimize

Jim Tittsler jwt at onjapan.net
Mon Apr 3 01:40:56 CEST 2006

On Apr 3, 2006, at 00:38, Nir Soffer wrote:
> When I try to save JPEG files with quality above 85 and optimize=1, I
> get this traceback:
>>>> image.save("foo.jpg", quality=86, optimize=1)
> Suspension not allowed here

Try this workaround for the way the JPEG library works:

> 	"The available options are described later in this handbook."
> Where is the link to the options? at least where is "later"?

There is an appendix titled "Image File Formats" that includes notes  
including the options accepted by save() and the 'info' properties  
supported by each format.  In the online version, it is here:

Of course, looking through the code is the best method to get up to  
date information.  :-)

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