[Image-SIG] tricky setup for multiple pythons

Chris Cogdon chris at cogdon.org
Wed Aug 9 02:26:37 CEST 2006

On Aug 8, 2006, at 17:20, David Bear wrote:

> I have a need to run multiple python versions. The version of python
> that came with my distribution works for many sysadmin scripts that
> come with that version and needs to remain in place. I also need to
> run zope with requires a newer python version.
> I do have a PIL rpm that installed pil in the python that came with my
> distribution. PIL found all the jpeg and png libraries it needed  for
> that version so I am confident that everything PIL wants is installed
> in  my system.
> so I built python  with prefix=/work/webenv
> now, when I build PIL I used that particular version of python and
> invoke it as
> /work/webenv/bin/python setup.py build_ext
> the PIL setup cannot find libjpeg..
> so I modified setup.py and hardwire the directories
> JPEG_ROOT = "/usr/lib64"
> ZLIB_ROOT = "/usr/lib64"
> Still, setup.py cannot find jpeg libraries..
> I'm really lost on what setup.py is really looking for, and how to
> make sure it finds it.
> Again, I do have PIL installed and working for the version of python
> that was packaged with my distribution. But I need a different version
> of python to run zope. Any pointers would be appreciated.

Setup needs the include files, not the libraries. Make sure you have 
the '-devel' versions of the packages for the libraries installed.

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