[Image-SIG] Save GIF with transparency

Tim Black tim at alwaysreformed.com
Thu Aug 24 08:07:45 CEST 2006

I'm writing a small wxPython application that performs a hue rotation on 
all graphics and CSS files in a website template.  It successfully 
displays and saves PNG files with transparency, but cannot save GIF 
files with transparency from wxPython, so I'm trying to save a 
transparent GIF from PIL, so far without success.  The hue rotation 
works, the code saves the GIF in a file, but the GIF's pixels that 
should be transparent come out black.

This is a PIL question because I'm converting a wx.Image to a PIL.Image 
and using PIL to save the GIF.  I've read and tested nearly everything 
about this question I can turn up on Google and my code still doesn't 
work.  Could someone here recommend a fix to my attached working sample 
code (probably to line 39 or 41)?  Thank you!

Tim Black
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