[Image-SIG] ANN: PIL 1.1.6 final (december 3, 2006)

Steve Lianoglou steve at arachnedesign.net
Sun Dec 3 18:36:03 CET 2006


> PIL 1.1.6 final is now available from:
>       http://effbot.org/downloads/#Imaging (source)
>       http://effbot.org/downloads/#PIL (windows binaries)

Congrats on the new release ... one question/comment:

A few weeks back I was having problems "painting images" pixel by  
pixel ... it was coming out very poorly running PIL using OS X.

You found the problem, however, in PIL/Image.py ~ line 2061:

      elif sys.platform == "darwin":
         format = "JPEG"
         if not command:
             command = "open -a /Applications/Preview.app"

changing JPEG to PNG turned out to solve the problem and the images  
were being rendered as expected.

I just d/led the 1.1.6 and realized that it still defaults to JPEG  
instead of PNG and was wondering if this was an oversight or not (I'm  
changing mine back to PNG, though :-).


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