[Image-SIG] Aggdraw for PIL under Python 2.5 on WinXP?

Dick Zantow rzantow at gmail.com
Sat Dec 16 20:06:55 CET 2006

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> Dick Zantow wrote:
>> At any rate, I *can* use 2.4 but at this moment it's only the lack of 
>> aggdraw that's keeping me from moving entirely to 2.5. Is there any 
>> prospect of an updated aggdraw?
> please don't reply to random old posts when you want to open a new 
> thread; it messes up the archives, and messes things up for people who 
> read this list using threaded readers.

Sorry about that.

> I've posted an aggdraw 1.2a3 build for 2.5 here:
>      http://effbot.org/downloads/#aggdraw

Thank you for the 2.5 build!

I noticed as a consequence to trying it out that Image.show() has 
changed on Windows XP (all 'nt' versions, it seems). The behavior of 
cmd.exe if command extensions is enabled (which it is by default in 
WinXP) is such that a command like
"start /wait %s && del /f %s" % (file, file)
does not in fact wait until the application invoked by the start has 
completed, but returns immediately. So it seems that the 'del' is 
executed before the image has a chance to display, at least in Paint 
Shop Pro, which is what I'm using. I suppose it would be the same for 
other viewers, though I haven't yet tried them.

The old method did leave a lot of temp files around, which was a minor 
annoyance, but at least it would display the image. I've restored the 
2.4 behavior on my computer as a getaround, pending a better solution.


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