[Image-SIG] PIL Installation problem

Eric Sydow sydow at ncst.nrl.navy.mil
Mon Jan 9 23:59:52 CET 2006

Redhat WS Linux, PIL 1.1.5, python2.3 

Hung up because I had tk rpm package installed but not tk-devel package.
Thus sys libs installed for tk but not include files, static lib, etc.
Since setup.py could import _tkinter and found the sys libs it went
ahead and tried to build, then gcc choked when it couldn't find tk.h.

I manually blocked the setup.py from adding the tk extension for now,
but it seems to make sense in setup.py to ensure that tk.h exists (good
litmus test to see if whole developer infrastructure is there).

Seem like a worthwhile change?  Want a patch?  Just ask.


Eric Sydow <sydow at ncst.nrl.navy.mil>

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