[Image-SIG] Image Problems

Dmitry (Dima) Strakovsky dima at shiftingplanes.org
Thu Jan 19 02:57:48 CET 2006

I looked at:

and through imagemagick formats listing and couldn't find it

Can the program that generated this file export other formats (even if 
it's just a list of files instead of a single file animation)? Do you 
have a detailed description of the format? like if you inhale the 
header, can you make out what's going on?


Anne Davis wrote:

> The file is TzIMG file format.
> Anne Davis
> Purdue University School of
> Nuclear Engineering
> (574) 850-4171
> davis87 at purdue.edu

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<email>dima at shiftingplanes.org</email>

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