[Image-SIG] Image Problems

Michele Petrazzo michele.petrazzo at unipex.it
Thu Jan 19 09:56:04 CET 2006

Anne Davis wrote:
> Special Interest Group Members,
> I am a student at Purdue University.  Myself and two other students
> are working on our senior design project and we have hit a snag when
> trying to import and view an image file.  The file is a multi-slide
> picture from a CAT scan machine.  For our project we need to be able
> to view the slides and also change the grey-scale information into a
> data range.
> We do know that the file type is not a built-in PIL format.  We know
> the slide resolutions (512x512), there are 143 slides, the bytes per
> pixel (16 bytes), the gap between slides (0 bytes), and that it's a
> 16 bit unsigned little endian format.
> Is there a way that we can get Python to import this file and be able
> to view the slices by using a scroll button or the arrow keys?  Or
> should we be looking into another imaging program that already has
> this capability?

You need a "complete" (not so difficult to create) application and a
library that read your 16 bit gray images.
You can use one of the graphical library that python has, like wxpython
or gtk for show the images and a image library for read and convert it.
Like other user say, you can use imagemagick or freeimagepy (google for
However, for create the GUI, I think that with about 100 lines you can
create it! If you want to use wxpython, come into the wxpython mailing
list where you can find a lot of advice!

P.s. Are the image into a multi-page format (tif) ?


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