[Image-SIG] Image Problems

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Thu Jan 19 15:04:46 CET 2006

Anne Davis wrote:

> We do know that the file type is not a built-in PIL format.  We know the
> slide resolutions (512x512), there are 143 slides, the bytes per pixel (16
> bytes), the gap between slides (0 bytes), and that it's a 16 bit unsigned
> little endian format.

16 bytes per pixel ?

how big is that 143-slide file?  If it's not compressed, and you meant 16 bits
rather than 16 bytes, the file should be ~75 megabyte, and you should be able
to use PIL's fromstring (or frombuffer) API to read the file.

If you really meant 16 bytes, and the file is ~600 megabyte, things might be a
bit trickier, but it might be solvable.

However, if the file is compressed, we need a spec.


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