[Image-SIG] documentation error and feature request

Andrew Harrington aharrin at luc.edu
Fri Jan 20 17:49:12 CET 2006

A documentation error and suggestion for pildriver:

The online pildriver documentation
omits the float parameter in the sharpness method description, and I 
would guess there are similar issues in lighten and others.

A feature request:
Currently you can resize to specific dimensions in pildriver.  I 
frequently want a half size picture, whatever the original size.   It 
would be good to be able to scale an image by a factor.  That could be 
done directly with a variation on resize or an operator on a size pair

scaleby <float:factor> <int:x> <int:y>
which produces the dimensions scaled by factor and rounded and converted 
back to int's

Thanks!  I love PIL.

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