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Christopher Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Fri Jul 28 18:53:09 CEST 2006

Eckhoff, Michael A CIV N62306 wrote:
> I've been reading the book by Langtangen ("Python Scripting for 
> Computational Science") in which I recall his mentioning PIL,
> although I cannot find any reference to it in his index. Has anyone
> used PIL to visualize the data in a Numpy array (or whatever the
> latest version is called)? Is it feasible to use the Image class for
> drawing vector fields, contours, etc. as in matlab? Is  there a
> connection with matplotlib?

PIL only deals with images and basic drawing operations. It could be
used as the basis for tool like that, but you'll have to rite a lot of
code to do it. It also won't provide any interactivity. It has nothing 
to do with matplotlib

 > I'd especially be interested if there are any oceanographers out
 > there who are willing to share such Python applications.

matplotlib is becoming the most common tool for scientific plotting. 
There is even a "basemap" add-on that provides plotting in projected 
coordinates (maps). There are at least a few Oceanographers on the 
matplotlib-users list.

Enthought's Chaco is another option, but last I saw it only really works 
right on Windows.

If you want something interactive in a GUI, you can use matplotlib, or, 
if you can use wxPython the wxPython FloatCanvas is another option 
(shameless plug -- I wrote it). Here's and example of what one user is 
doing with it:



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