[Image-SIG] Group 4 TIFF Compression support

Benjamin benarbe at TuckerEnergy.com
Fri Jul 28 23:26:38 CEST 2006

I'm using PIL and came across to work with tiff files.Then i saw a patch 
apparently written by V. Pastukhov.
I downloaded the tarballs tiff-3.8.2.tar.gz and Imaging-1.1.5 i'm using
Debian 3.3 sarge distribution with python 3.3, tcl/tk 8.4.
Installation of tiff-3.8.2 went with no problems.
But when i came to install Imaging, found that the following files were

Even so, i decided to go on and apply the patch to the relevant files. Also
the Tiff.h and TiffDecode.c were created from information in the patch.
I did the following aditions to the ./Setup.py:

+TIFF_ROOT=('/usr/local/lib', '/home/hal/tarballs/tiff-3.8.2/libtiff')

@line 257
+      if feature.tiff:
+            libs.append(feature.tiff)
+            defs.append(("HAVE_LIBTIFF", None))
       if feature.jpeg:

Then i tried as a root:
    python setup.py install
everything went fine, no errors, but when i run:
    python selftest.py
I get:  ***  The _imaging C module is not installed

I need help, what i'm doing wrong?

I'll appreciate any help, thanks

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