[Image-SIG] 16-bit ppm or psd support in PIL?

Dave python at klaff.org
Thu Jun 29 20:11:30 CEST 2006


I would like to play with some 16-bit ppm or psd files in PIL.  These 
files are created from digital camera raw files (Nikon .NEFs actually)  
using dcraw to create either .ppm or .psd format files, for example:

dcraw -3 DSC_1234.NEF
dcraw -4 DSC_1234.NEF

I'm using PIL 1.1.5 on Windows XP w/ Python 2.4.2.

PIL will open the ppm file, but the pixel values returned appear to be 
8-bit and im.show() gives a malformed image, so I think the plugin 
doesn't understand the 16-bit format.  The psd plugin doesn't seem to 
recognize the .psd version of the file.

Has anyone tried to do this?  If a plugin were written to handle one of 
the 16-bit formats can the rest of PIL work with 16-bit data or is this 
a deep difficult problem?



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