[Image-SIG] trouble with -O3 flag

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Wed Mar 15 08:18:50 CET 2006

Albert Cardona wrote:

> I am having trouble with a custom C python module. The module works just fine
> when compiling it locally and running it directly in a sort of debugging
> mode, but it doesn't when running compiled as the python module that it is,
> with "python setup.py build_ext". I see that the -O3 flag is on (along with
> the -g flag, doesn't make much sense) and I wonder how can one disactivate
> the -O3 flag, so that I can see whether there's any trouble from this
> direction.

you might have more success if you post to a more general python forum;
I'd recommend comp.lang.python:


> Further, I have trouble finding the documentation for the Python C API in
> regard to compiling modules. What I've found about python 2.3.5 is very
> incomplete. I would appreciate some links to proper documentation websites,
> if it exists.

most people use distutils, which is described in the "distributing python
modules" and "installing python modules" handbooks:


and has its own mailing list:


hope this helps!


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