[Image-SIG] multithreading problem

michael gross mich at anorg.net
Tue Mar 28 17:50:15 CEST 2006


I am working an a opengl application which uses pil to process images
before loading them as
textures. because the processing cannot be done in realtime I have tried
to process the pictures in
a background thread using pythons threading library. unfortunately it
turned out that the c extentions
of pil do not support multithreading.
does anyone know a pil version which supports multithreading or any other
library which could be
used instead.
i have tried to compile pil myself but did not succeed. as fare as it
should be possible to add
true multithreading support to pil but I am not exactly shure how to do
that. does anyone have an idea
how this problem could be solved?

thanks a lot for any help


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