[Image-SIG] how to work with 16 bit tiff using PIL

Pierre Barbier de Reuille Pierre.Barbier_de_Reuille at inria.fr
Wed Sep 20 21:33:25 CEST 2006

dima osin a écrit :
> Good Day
> At work I mostly use 16 bit TIFF images saved by CCD cameras or from scanned films. I 
> started using Python and it seems that I cannot operate with 16 bit TIFF images using 
> PIL off the box. I'm new to Python, so may be I do something wrong. If it is possible 
> to operate with 16 bit tiff using the recent 1.1.5 PIL, please, advice me. I will be 
> very grateful for your help.
> Thank you in advance.
It is definitely possible, as I am doing it :)
What do you want to do that is not working ?


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