[Image-SIG] seeking guidance on image conversion

Brad Allen brad at allendev.com
Fri Apr 6 19:59:00 CEST 2007

At 4:40 PM -0600 4/5/07, Waldemar Osuch wrote:
>>* One of the Python scripts is calling Linux tiffsplit command to
>>convert multipage faxes (TIFF group 4 compressed) into collections of
>>single page TIFFs.
>pytiff library should be able to do it
>I have used it on small scale for the same purpose.

Thanks, Waldemar. pytiff sounds interesting though I am worried
it doesn't appear to be under active development. However, if it
works then maybe it doesn't need to be active.

>>* We're calling the ImageMagick convert command to make PDFs into TIFFs.
>Alternatively one could use Ghostscript for the purpose.  They provide
>even a shared library that could be driven using ctypes.

That sounds like an interesting possible future avenue; I've heard ctypes
is great to work with though I don't know much about it or Ghostscript.
I guess we will stick with calling the convert command for now but I will
keep this idea in mind.

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