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You should checkout http://www.finkproject.org/ which creates a 'sandbox'
for gnu/unix/non-mac utilities.  It comes with a GUI which lets you select
packages from their repository (similar to a yum/apt-get repository for
several linux distributions out there).  It also comes with command-line
tools, if you prefer.

Once you've installed fink and python, you can directly call the python
binary installed in the fink default bin (eg, /sw/bin/) when using the setup
tools (eg, setup.py) which comes with PIL.  Using this fink 'python' will
install the PIL package inside python's corresponding site-packages folder.

In order to set the fink environment automatically every time you use the
terminal, you'll need to modify your .bash_profile. Add the following line
"test -r /sw/bin/init.sh && . /sw/bin/init.sh".  You'll of course need to
adapt the fink installation path as you see fit.

Good luck,

On 4/13/07, crouad01 at luther.edu <crouad01 at luther.edu> wrote:
> Hello Support,
> I'm sitting here looking at the ReadMe for the PIL, and I realized
> something a few moments back: this is more complicated than I thought it
> would be. If it isn't too difficult, would you be able to tell me how I
> could put the PIL in my computer so I can just play around with Python and
> images. I am currently in a introductory course to computer science and we
> are using Python. I am running it on a MacBook Pro right now. I guess I
> had to download a MacPython in order to make Python work on my system. I'm
> not too sure, but it does seem to work. The problem that I'm having now
> seems to be stemming from his "Imaging-1.1.6" folder that I just
> downloaded. What should I do with it? I was looking at the ReadMe (that's
> where I got this e-mail) and it says that I'll need to download more
> things (correct?). My professor did say something about Fink.
> Now, I don't want you guys to go totally out of your way because there is
> a computer lab on campus that I could do all this on, but I would like it
> to be on my computer, too, just so I can finish the homework up and play
> around with image transformations.
> Thank you.
> Adam Crouse
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