[Image-SIG] Confirmation of bug compiling PIL and request that GIF patch be applied

Connelly Barnes connellybarnes at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 20 23:24:46 CEST 2007


1. Confirming a bug in PIL compilation with Mingw on Windows

I tried to compile PIL on Windows XP with Mingw.  Compiling with the Python 2.5.1 binary obtained
from the python.org site (which is compiled via Visual Studio .NET 2003) I obtained the same error
that Michael Gross obtained:


Following Fredrik Lundh's suggestion that this may be caused by a conflict in the runtime library
that is linked against I installed an unofficial Mingw variant that allows several different
"Microsoft Visual Studio" runtimes to be linked against, and linked against the runtime library
that my Python binary was linked against (MSVCR71.DLL).  This did not resolve the problem; the
same error that Michael Gross reported was again obtained.

Has anyone had success building PIL 1.1.6 on Windows with Mingw?

2. Requesting that GIF reading patch be applied

Please apply the patch:


This fixes the animated GIF reading support in PIL.  After applying the patch, a GIF animation can
be viewed by:

for x in ImageSequence.Iterator(Image.open('x.gif')):

Before applying the patch, it is not at all clear how to obtain the frames of the GIF animation;
several hours of experimenting with the ImageSequence iterator and its various disposal and
transparency fields availed me naught until I applied the patch.

Connelly Barnes

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